MonsterAdapter LA-FE1 v05 firmware released, DOF preview now available any more.

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August 29, 2023, MonsterAdapter officially released v05 firmware of Nikon F-mount to Sony E-mount electronic adapter LA-FE1.

In the new firmware, LA-FE1 adds depth-of-field preview function when taking photos (please assign a custom key in the camera menu), and also supports aperture controls in video shooting mode.

Starting from v05, LA-FE1 officially supports Nikon’s TC-14/TC-17 and TC-20 series of teleconverters. Please refer to the attached list for lenses that currently supports teleconverters. (Note: Third-party teleconverters are not supported yet)

At last, the v05 firmware for the LA-FE1 restores the DX lenses that were temporarily disabled in the previous firmware. And with more lenses supported.

Get MonsterAdapter LA-FE1 firmware v05 (for Windows PC only).

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