MonsterAdapter LA-EA4r v09 firmware released, SSM driver included in this update.

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March 15, 2024, MonsterAdapter is honored to release v09 firmware of Minolta/Sony A-mount adapter modification product: LA-EA4r.


New firmware added the long-awaited SSM driver, which will further expand the applicable scenarios of LA-EA4r. Starting from firmware v09, LA-EA4r will keep improve SSM/SAM drivers and add support for more lenses.



With continuous updates in the past four years, LA-EA4r firmware has added an SSM driver finally. However, LA-EA4r was launched in July 2020, and there were no specific plans to support SSM/SAM at the beginning of the hardware design. Therefore, it is absolutely forbidden to swap A-mount lens while the camera still powered on, otherwise it may cause damage to the camera's battery or even the camera's motherboard. The resulting risks must be borne by you. (For this, the PDF document in the installation package has more detailed instructions)


It is for this reason that the v09 firmware of LA-EA4r limits the SSM lenses supported by the first version to only the following two:

  • Carl Zeiss Distagon T* 24mm F2 ZA SSM (SAL24F20Z)
  • Carl Zeiss Planar T* 50mm F1.4 ZA SSM (SAL50F14Z)


We will decide next step based on the feedback after new firmware released.


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