LA-FE1 firmware v03 released, now with G Driver™️ supported

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August 26, 2022, Shenzhen, China. MonsterAdapter officially released firmware v03 for Nikon F-mount to Sony E-mount adapter LA-FE1.

Firmware v03 of LA-FE1 now adds new focus drive algorithm: G Driver, which improves the autofocus performance of F-mount lenses on Sony mirrorless cameras (including AF-S single AF and AF-C continuous AF tracking). According to our tests, the focusing speed is shortened by about 25% on average, and the maximum can be shortened by about 60%.

Note: G Driver needs selected cameras, please see list of compatible bodies.
Supported Cameras for MonsterAdapter E mount adapters

All lenses marked with v03 will be compatible G Driver. And more lenses will be added soon.

MonsterAdapter LA-FE1 firmware v03 here (for Windows PC only).!AgX6HrvXLNv5gx_NLBzibTUuEJ9b?e=B3aH3b

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