LA-VE2 - Minolta Vectis lenses to Sony E-mount cameras auto focus adapter

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MonsterAdapter LA-VE2 is an electronic lens adapter to mount Minolta Vectis interchangeable lenses to Sony E-mount cameras with Autofocus enabled. It is an upgraded version of the previous MonsterAdapter LA-VE1, which is only MF capable.

Key Features

  • Adapting all 8 Minolta Vectis interchangeable lenses to E-mount cameras
  • Autofocus and auto-exposure AF tracking enabled on selected cameras
  • Real-time Eye AF and tracking enabled on selected cameras
  • Compact and lightweight design

Background of Minolta Vectis interchangeable lens system

The Minolta V-mount was a new AF SLR system (Vectics Series) launched in 1996, which was parallel to Minolta’s famous Alpha A-mount system .

Video: Minolta Vectis S1 commercial on YouTube, uploaded on 2015 by zaruemon channel 02

The V-mount provides electronic control of both focus and aperture like what Canon EOS system can do, and offers a compact lens system compatible with APS film, which is slightly smaller than 35mm film(crop factor about 1.4x). All 8 V-mount lenses released were supposed to be high quality for the coming digital camera era, however, these V-mount lenses were only designed to be controlled electronically by the body with motorized focusing drive, which makes them impossible to be used on today’s mirrorless cameras without a proper electronic adapter. With a mechanical adapter, they don’t work and the MF ring simply cannot be turned. This was a significant drawback of these lenses for those who like to use them with the current mirrorless bodies.

Photo by Neo Young, licensed.

This Vectis system has a total of eight lenses, three primes and five zooms as follows:

  • 17mm F3.5
  • 50mm F3.5 Marco 1:2
  • 400mm F8 Reflex
  • 22-80mm F4-5.6
  • 25-150mm F4.5-6.3
  • 28-56mm F4-5.6
  • 56-170mm F4.5-5.6
  • 80-240mm F4.5-5.6 APO

The 17mm F3.5 was introduced along with Minolta's RD3000, equivalent to a classic 28mm lens.

The 400mm F8 Reflex, which was then designed to autofocus on the Vectis S-1, S100 or RD3000, is now able to autofocus again with the LA-VE2, becoming only the second AF capable mirror lens next to the famous Minolta 500mm Reflex.

Photo by K.I.M, licensed.

In 1996, Minolta realized the design of built-in focus motor, electronic focus ring, electromagnetic aperture, electronic AF switch, and Weather sealing for V series lenses. These designs are not outdated till now. So, LA-VE2 is the best choice for you to try Vectis lenses.

Lens adapters for E-mount

Photo by K.I.M, licensed to this campaign.

The MonsterAdapter founder John Zhou created the world's first(*1) V-mount to E-mount electronic adapter in 2015 in a personal hobby project, and in October 2020, demanded by Minolta fans over the world, this adapter was re-made and branded as MonsterAdaper LA-VE1 as the product model.

The original V-mount to E-mount adapter in 2015
(*1: based on MonsterAdapter’s research)

Now, the MonsterAdapter LA-VE2, as an upgrading of LA-VE1, is adding Autofocus (AF) and more features to release the maximum potential of the Vectis.

MonsterAdapter LA-VE1 & LA-VE2

Comparison for LA-VE1 & LA-VE2

Comments by testers

K.I.M (Japan):
The LA-VE2 finally implements conversion and emulation of AF operation, which was not yet possible with the 2015 MonsterAdapter and 2020 LA-VE1. The previously implemented MF and aperture control with the MF ring, focal length data transmission, and image stabilization functions remain effective.
The excellent AF function of the Sony Alpha camera enables the Minolta V-lenses to focus at full speed driving the built-in motor, and the AF operation is comfortable enough.
(*Note that the built-in AF motor of the V-mount lens is not an ultrasonic motor, so it is not a very fast AF.)
Minolta V-mount lenses, despite their outstanding capabilities, ended up out of the limelight due to various circumstances at the time. We hope you will confirm its hidden true potential with the latest digital cameras.
Ichizo Harimaya (Japan):
Minolta was serious. Minolta was the only company to launch an SLR with a new mount for APS (IX240 film).
The V-mount, which was introduced with great fanfare as a system camera with multiple lenses, was supposed to develop as a common mount for both analog and digital cameras. However, the transition to digital was so rapid that its future was quickly closed.
The V-mount lenses were put out of their long hibernation by the LA-VE1, and with the LA-VE2, they are fully awakened. I am impressed that the AF of V-mount lenses works with the latest E-mount cameras. There are a few caveats to using the LA-VE2 at this point, but they are no more complicated than using expired APS film with the S-1 or S-100, or setting up a shooting environment for the RD3000.
This magical ring will bring you into the "what if" world of the "near future that never came". Now, let's wake up the V-mount lenses that are lying And let's enjoy it together.

Sample shots

十和田市内(Towada city)

Photo by K.I.M
α7C + MonsterAdapter LA-VE2 + Minolta Vectis Macro 50mm F3.5, F3.5-1/320s-ISO10000, 100% non-crop


弘前城(Hirosaki Castle)

Photo by K.I.M
α7C + MonsterAdapter LA-VE2 + Minolta Vectis 22-80mm F4-5.6, 25mm F5.6-1/1000s-ISO100, 1.26x crop


高山稲荷神社(Takayama Inari Shrine)

Photo by K.I.M
α7C + MonsterAdapter LA-VE2 + Minolta V 28-56mm F4-5.6 33mm F4.5-1/800s-ISO100 100% non-crop


長崎(長崎駅前・浜の町界隈)/ Nagasaki (in front of Nagasaki Station/Hamanomachi area)

Photo by Ichizo Harimaya
α7C + MonsterAdapter LA-VE2 + Minolta Vectis 80-240mm F4.5-5.6 APO, 89mm F5-1/125s-ISO100, 100% non-crop


長崎港周辺(Around Nagasaki Port)

Photo by Ichizo Harimaya
α7C + MonsterAdapter LA-VE2 + Minolta Vectis 17mm F3.5, F4-1/60s-ISO100, 100% non-crop


長崎(長崎駅前・浜の町界隈)/ Nagasaki (in front of Nagasaki Station/Hamanomachi area)

Photo by Ichizo Harimaya
α7C + MonsterAdapter LA-VE2 + Minolta Vectis 22-80mm F4-5.6, 38mm F9-1/100s-ISO100, 100% non-crop


長崎(眼鏡橋界隈・唐八景界隈)/ Nagasaki (Meganebashi area/Karahakkei area)

Photo by Ichizo Harimaya
α7C + MonsterAdapter LA-VE2 + Minolta Vectis Macro 50mm F3.5, F5-1/100s-ISO100, 100% non-crop


長崎(眼鏡橋界隈・唐八景界隈)/ Nagasaki (Meganebashi area/Karahakkei area)

Photo by Ichizo Harimaya
α7C + MonsterAdapter LA-VE2 + Minolta Vectis 400mm F8 Reflex, F8-1/500s-ISO250, 100% non-crop



We are a group of technical enthusiasts loving to research and revive old lenses because we respect and admire the great efforts engineers for photography have put in them and we believe some nicely built optical lenses should stay and work as long as possible and never be wasted. 

We will use the sales profits to provide free firmware upgrades for existing products, as well as to purchase new equipment and conduct research and development of new products, so you are supporting us every time you buy our product.

We are happy to have the ability to develop these electronic adapters and then the possibility to make those old lenses shine again from the dustbin of history. Hopefully our adapters will take their part in capturing your precious memories.

Supported Camera Models

Click here for detailed supported camera list

Since the imaging circle of Vectis lenses is very close to match 35mm full-frame, LA-VE2 does not set to APS-C crop mode. Some lenses(zoom lenses especially) may have vignetting when mounted on E mount full-frame cameras.


    Approximate 62 x 65.5 x 23.2mm

    Approximate 60g (2.1oz)

    Included items:
    • Mount adapter LA-VE2 x 1
    • E-mount Rear cap x 1
    • Warranty Card x 1
    • Printed User's Manual x 1

    1 Year

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    Shenzhen, China